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Tasting Thursday – June 22nd

Good Day San Pedro! “Tasting Thursday” is tomorrow and Chef Val and his team have a delicious 5-course chef’s tasting menu in the hopper for tomorrow night. Last week we focused on lobster, this week there will be lobster as well, but we are rounding out our “Tasting Thursday’ menu to include some of your other favorites. This week’s “Tasting …


Tasting Menu – June 15th – It’s all about the Lobster

Good Morning San Pedro! It is with much anticipation that we announce that tomorrow, Lobster Season is back and with the introduction of our delicious jewels of the seas we are pleased to present to you our 6th Annual, Lobster “Tasting Thursday” menu at Casa Picasso! Chef Val and his team are preparing a delicious 5-course lobster tasting menu with optional …


Tasting Thursday – June 8th

Good Day San Pedro! It’s a busy week at the Casa with our sold out Steak, Scotch and Wine Dinner this Friday. But before Friday is Thursday and that means “Tasting Thursday” at Casa Picasso. Chef Val and his team have decided to cross the border from west to east as we explore the cuisine of Poland and Russia in our …