Where the Fabulous Dine Artfully

A Note from the Owners

Casa Picasso's Owners, Jackie and Adam

Casa Picasso has always been a beloved, chic dining experience in San Pedro featuring global tapas and eclectic menu choices in an “artful” setting. When Picasso closed it’s doors, it left a void in the San Pedro dining scene and was sorely missed by both our hometown neighbors and countless visitors who chose Picasso’s as part of their adventures in Belize.

We always knew that we would make Ambergris Caye our home after our children had grown and we had been preparing for that eventuality for many years. With strong backgrounds in food and beverage and marketing, owning our own restaurant seemed to be the right outlet to showcase our talents. Finding the right venue seemed like it would be the difficulty, but as soon as we were aware that Casa Picasso was available, we jumped at the chance to bring back a hometown favorite adding our own personal twist. As we make our way through our 3rd season, we know we made the right choice.

Excellent food made with local fish, meats and produce with a focus on taking the ordinary and making it extra-ordinary became our mantra; collaboration became our game. With a menu co-designed by 4-Star New York Times Chef Hasni “Jeff” Ghazali (Bentara and Central Steakhouse) and Executive Chef Benjamin Herriman, wines paired specifically for our flavors and exciting martini choices, Casa Picasso is an ideal setting for your night out.

Thank you to our countless friends, new and old, our families and our dedicated staff for sharing in our dream.

Dine Artfully,
Jackie and Adam