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Here Comes Lobster Season: My Beautiful Belize Visitor Guide’s “Seafood Delights”

Check out the June 2014 issue of My Beautiful Belize Visitor Guide and the write-up on our Lobster Sliders!!!! When June 15th arrives of lobster season, we can’t deny the siren call of Casa Picasso’s gorgeous lobster sliders! We all have things that we look forward to throughout the year. One such occasion that has me salivating in anticipation each …


San Pedro Saturday Night: A magical tour through tapas and wines

Bound for Belize blogs about the Wine de Vine dinner at the Casa…thank you Bob. See the full post by clicking below… http://robertjhawkins1.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/san-pedro-saturday-night-a-magical-tour-through-tapas-and-wines/


The AFAR Guide to Belize and the Best of Ambergris Caye

Thank you Erin De Santiago for this great guide to Belize and capturing the Best of Ambergris Caye. Check it out and take a read of the write-up on Casa Picasso – “Have a Romantic Dinner at Casa Picasso”. http://www.afar.com/highlights/have-a-romantic-dinner-at-casa-picasso?context=wanderlist&context_id=28144  


San Pedro Scoop: Last Night’s DELICIOUS Tasting Menu at Casa Picasso in San Pedro

The Scoop was in the house last night to try our “Tasting Thursday” menu. See what she had to say: Casa Picasso is one of my favorite restaurants in San Pedro.   They do delicious tapas, have a seriously comfortable cocktail bar and outside loungy area…really good people and good food. It is definitely on the list (along with Blue …

Do It or Ditch it Ambergris Caye

Check out the redibychelsea blog on “Do It or Ditch It Ambergris Caye”. http://www.redibychelsea.com/belize/ Below is her shout out to Casa Picasso in the “Glimpse into San Pedro” section: Restaurants and bars are only a stone’s throw away and warrant their own review. An incredible resource while on the trip was Sanpedroscoop.com. While TripAdvisor offers a multitude of reviews and is also a …