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Tasting Thursday – March 12th featuring Caye Coffee

Casa Picasso is getting a jump start on our popular “Tasting Thursday” menu and for the second year in a row, we are teaming up with San Pedro’s, Caye Coffee Roasting Company. For this week’s “Tasting Thursday” menu, we will using the three types of Caye Coffee beans, Front Street, Middle Street and Back Street Blends as an integral ingredient …


Dining in Belize: Casa Picasso Offers Caye Coffee Experience

Thank you our tasty travels for your review of our Caye Coffee Tasting Thursday Dinner…it was yummy!!! Read the full review by clicking below: http://ourtastytravels.com/blog/belize-casa-picasso-caye-coffee/  


Tasting Thursday – July 10th

Good Morning San Pedro! While your are sipping on your morning brew, Casa Picasso has a special announcement – Casa Picasso & Caye Coffee are teaming up for this week’s “Tasting Thursday” menu at the Casa! Chef Ben has designed a 5-course tasting menu using Caye Coffee’s Front, Middle and Back Street blends as a featured ingredient in all 5 …