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Casa Picasso Wins Best Dish at Lobsterfest Block Party

For the second year in a row, Casa Picasso was honored with the Best Dish at the Lobsterfest Block Party. Chef Ben’s Lobster Risotto won the day with a rich lobster flavor, created from a complex lobster stock taking four days to build, that truly celebrated our favorite crustacean. We were also the second place winner in the drink competition …


San Pedro Scoop: Last Night’s DELICIOUS Tasting Menu at Casa Picasso in San Pedro

The Scoop was in the house last night to try our “Tasting Thursday” menu. See what she had to say: Casa Picasso is one of my favorite restaurants in San Pedro.   They do delicious tapas, have a seriously comfortable cocktail bar and outside loungy area…really good people and good food. It is definitely on the list (along with Blue …