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grilled beef with tomato

3rd Annual Steak, Scotch & Wine Event – Saturday, June 14th – SOLD OUT – See you Tuesday

Join us for our 3rd annual celebration of the last day before lobster season begins – our traditional “Steak House” dinner. Dinner includes an Amuse Bouche, a traditional Wedge Salad with bacon and blue cheese dressing, a lovely 10oz Filet Mignon, cooked to order, served in a red wine demi-glace and topped with a bĂ©arnaise sauce accompanied by Grilled Asparagus, …

grilled beef with tomato

2nd Annual “Big Smoke” – Steak, Scotch & Cigar Dinner – Thu, June 13th

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME TO THE DINNER. LOTS OF FUN, FRIENDSHIP, GREAT FOOD AND DRINK. LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT YEAR’S EVENT!!! We will be hosting our 2nd Annual “Big Smoke” – Steak, Scotch & Cigar Dinner – on Thursday, June 13th to celebrate the last days of “no lobster”. Lobster season begins June 15th. Cost is $85.00BZ including …